Smart Homes & Automation

Innovative technology makes for a very smart home

Smart homes make use of wireless devices to control features of the home and allow real-time and remote changes to maximize comfort and minimize costs. In addition to gaining efficiency, smart homes also increase safety with alerts that can be set and sent to the homeowner, or their designated security company.

Smart lighting

Sandgate Construction works with you to select and install smart controls to cover automations like lighting which can be programmed to turn on at certain times of the day, or to dim or brighten lights from the comfort of your chair with a handy app. The concurrent use of LED lighting in these smart lights makes them even more energy efficient, and with their long lifespan, changing bulbs will become a thing of your past.  

Smart climate controls

Smart controls of your heating and cooling system also allow you to customize your heating and cooling and humidity over different times of day, and to respond to changes in needs via a cell phone app from the office, or even on vacation. Never again will you leave your home burning through high amounts of energy use by being over-heated or over-cooled when not needed.  

Safety is always smart

A wise investment during your renovations and build projects is to link in smart detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide, and water monitoring and link these to your alarm system or remote home monitoring. Some of the latest devices can detect water leaks and mold well before you can see or smell it yourself.  

Sandgate is the smart choice for a smart and automated home

Sandgate Construction’s consultants stay up to date with the latest changes in home technologies. These include smart locks that control the front and rear entrance of your home, your garage and pool house, and can also be applied to interior doors. Newer tech options such as Bluetooth-enabled devices recognize your phone on approach and unlock the door for you or let you log into an app and unlock it for your children, the tradesman, or your mother in law.

Cameras can be seamlessly and unobtrusively integrated into your home and can be monitored remotely via an app, website, or via a monitoring company. The choices are endless and the benefits are peace of mind, and security of your home and loved ones.

Sandgate Construction’s consultants will help you work out the best options to enhance your home and meet your safety needs. Set up an in-home consultation