Outdoor Living

Life in Canada means long winteres and short summers, so make the most of the warm weather with comfortable and functional outdoor living spaces

There are many ways to create inviting living spaces, quite literally in your own backyard. Outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular and have become a natural extension (and enhancement) to the average patio. Today’s outdoor living combines stainless steel and weather-protected countertops with gas fittings, outdoor fire pits, wood-fired pizza ovens, bar areas with running water, sinks and cabinets to make entertaining even easier.

Our team will work with you to identify the natural landscape and features to leverage, and then custom design each section to maximize light, space, colour, shade and evening lighting features. Sandgate Construction brings together all the services and sub-trades according to a well-sequenced execution plan. We keep you informed at every step of the way, and work with you to select the hardware, features and plants that will give you the most satisfaction for your budget.

Sandgate Construction’s talented consultants offer our clients our many years of landscape design and development experience and combine this with expertise in the area of creating fabulous new outdoor living spaces. We are constantly learning and exploring new designs, features, aesthetic combinations and new technologies.

Using our knowledge, skills and experience in decking, paving, landscaping, in-ground pools, security fencing, outdoor kitchens, bar, patios, pergolas, pool rooms and garden features, Sandgate Construction will bring to life your vision and make your whole property a place to be proud of, and one that you can truly relax in and enjoy. Set up an in-home consultation.