Take your bathroom from old-fashioned to oasis with a quality renovation

Bathrooms are an area that can date a house. Vinyls of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s, tiles with stained grouting, chipped or stained toilet bowls, windows and walls with mould or mildew, and high-volume single flush cisterns are all areas of inefficiency potentially harbouring harmful bacteria.

Bathrooms are also an area of risk for the DIY reno person. The smallest leak left undetected and unsealed can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. Sandgate Construction works with tried and trusted, experienced trades who know how to get the job done right.

A bathroom renovation creates opportunities from all of these downsides. With all of the spa-like fixtures and finishes available today, you can create a space that goes beyond day-to-day functionality to an oasis for rest and relaxation.

Sandgate Construction’s team includes expert advisors on fixtures and fittings. They can explain the trends in basins and tapware, the benefits of wide versus deep bowls, dual basins, above counter versus under-counter mounted basins. They will walk through the selection process with you, knowing the answers to essential questions like p-traps, space, and power and plumbing placement.

Your finished bathroom will be a beautiful and durable testament to your vision and Sandgate Construction’s expertise. Set up a complimentary consultation to get started.