What would you do with additional space in your home?

Over the years the needs of the average household have changed. While family size hasn’t necessarily increased, the number of concurrent activities within a home has. Older family homes would typically have only one living area, but current trends see the size of living spaces expanding. Such expansion may include the addition of a family room, games room, movie theatre space, and/or office area. These additional rooms create space for teens, parents, and extended family to thrive, even during times of competing priorities.

Another trend over the years has been to expand the covered porch or entranceway, either making this part of a formal foyer, or adding a mudroom entrance area where winter coats and boots can be shed before entering the comfort of the home.

Perhaps you have an idea for expanding your space that is entirely unique to your home and your family. At Sandgate, we are genuinely interested in what will add value to your home for you now and for property value in the future. Set up a complimentary consultation – we’re ready to listen and help you make the most of your plans.